Dominion Public Building

1713 Bedford Row

A favorite with Doors Open visitors, this Recognized Federal Heritage Building has been a landmark on the Halifax skyline for over 80 years. At thirteen storeys, this Art Deco-style “skyscraper” was the tallest building in Halifax until the 1960s.

The Dominion Public Building was built by the Department of Public Works, completed in 1936 during the Great Depression, and is a lasting example of the federal government’s efforts to stimulate the economy in a time of unprecedented economic crisis. Today, the building houses approximately 400 employees of Public Works and Government Services Canada.

The high quality craftsmanship and materials are clearly visible in the smooth, simple facades highlighted with decorative carvings in the masonry, typical of Classical Modern design.

Visit the beautifully renovated atrium, typically closed to the public, which overlooks Halifax Harbour. Before exiting, be sure to admire the exquisitely crafted stone seahorses and the original brass postal wickets in the marble lobby.